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 Our mission is to create a stable drug-free environment
for people seeking recovery. We will accommodate men and women
who are homeless and in need of a place that is safe and secure from negative influences.
We have designed a strength-based support program for the purpose.


  1. Michael Irving, President
    He has over 20 years of lived experience with a complicated lifestyle. He now has over 16 years of lived experience in a recovery lifestyle. Michael offers a perspective of recovery that can reach even the most hardened practicing drug addict.
  2. Stephanie Newman, Executive Director
    With 10 years of recovery and over 7 years of service to the recovery community in a professional capacity, Stephanie offers case management services and a no-holds-barred approach to recovery support.
  3. Sylvester Peterson, Vice President
    With a heart for people struggling with addiction. Sylvester offers a perspective that includes role modeling self-directed change and employment skills.

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  We do this because we want to give and show the people they can become independent in their own life.

  To take advantage of their own legacy to pass down to their families, and to take their life.

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